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Blue365 offers access to health and wellness deals exclusive to Blue members.

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  • Fitness
    Get 19% off MSRP on Fitbit Devices and 29% off Fitbit Accessories, Plus Free Shipping!
  • Personal Care
    Free Hearing Screening and Set Discounted Prices on Hearing Aids
  • Personal Care
    FitBoomBah- - Dentisse
    Up to 24% Off Teeth Whitening Toothpaste and Rinse
  • Personal Care
    Hope Paige Medical
    30% Discount on Medical Emergency Bracelets
  • Lifestyle
    Local Offer
    River Canyon Adventure--Chattanooga
    Save $15 on Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals
  • Personal Care
    Over $800 Off LASIK
  • Financial Health
    Switch to Sprint. Get up to $200
  • Fitness
    Local Offer
    Real Hot Yoga--Johnson City and Knoxville
    15% Off Classes and Membership at Real Hot Yoga
  • Lifestyle
    Local Offer
    Raft One--Chattanooga and Knoxville
    Save 15% Off Any Outdoor Excursion
  • Fitness
    Fitness Your Way™ by Tivity Health™
    $29 Monthly Fee for Access to Network of 10,000+ Gyms Nationwide
  • Healthy Eating
    Rosemary Knoll
    10% Off Rosemary Knoll Eatable Delights
  • Personal Care
    QualSight Lasik
    Save an Average of $1,100 on Lasik Eye Surgery