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Blue365 offers access to health and wellness deals exclusive to Blue members.

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  • Fitness
    Gym Network 360
    5% - 20% Off Gym Memberships for Seniors
  • Fitness
    Adventure Cycling
    50% Off First Year Membership
  • Fitness
    35% Off Zumba Fitness Incredible Results
  • Fitness
    The Wearables Store-YOORX
    Save $20 on The YOORX Wellness and Fitness Band
  • Fitness
    Louisiana Marathon
    20% off Louisiana Marathon Registration
    20 hoursleft
  • Fitness
    The Wearables Store-Bellabeat
    Up to 20% Off Bellabeat LEAF Health Trackers
  • Fitness
    The Wearables Store--BodiMetrics
    $100 Off BodiMetrics™ Performance Monitor
  • Fitness
    FitBoomBah--The Flex Belt
    Save 34% on The Flex Belt Ab Toner
  • Fitness
    Heart Rate Monitors USA
    Save on Select FitBit, Mio and Polar Products
  • Fitness
    The Biggest Loser Resort
    40% Off Niagara or 10% Off + $50 Resort Credit Amelia Island or Palm Desert Resorts Stay
  • Fitness
    Hope Paige Medical
    50% Off 4id LED Gear Plus Free Shipping
    19 daysleft
  • Fitness
    Wellness Codes--Garmin
    10% - 26% Discount on Garmin Products