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Save 35% Off LASIK with Pricing Starting at $1,795 Per Eye for Custom All-Laser Procedure 

Now you may be able to eliminate those bothersome glasses or scratchy contact lenses. QualSight LASIK makes LASIK easier for Blue365 Members. You have the choice of more than 800 locations nationwide. Quality care provided by credentialed and experienced surgeons who have collectively performed more than 6.5 million procedures nationwide. You get choice, quality and savings of 20% off Custom Wavefront Bladeless LASIK with significant savings on all other LASIK procedures just by using our program.

One low price on LASIK eye surgery includes the preoperative exam, procedure, postoperative care and a One Year Assurance Plan. Lifetime Assurance Plans are available at participating providers for an additional cost.

Find LASIK surgeons near you.

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