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The Offer

Save $1,640 With Completely Waived Lender Fees Plus Receive Other Perks!

Blue 365 members receive waived lender fees (a savings of $1,640), exclusive discounts on mortgage rates and priority loan processing while working with a dedicated team of mortgage specialists.  You may also receive $650-$6,000 if you buy or sell your home with the GRate Realty Connect Program.  Blue 365 members can also now extend these perks to their friends and family members.  Guaranteed Rate is a 50 state lender.

The Terms

  • $1,640 waived lender fee is valid through Blue365 from 01/01/2024 through 12/31/2024.  Qualified participants, including Blue365 members, friends, and family, must access the Guaranteed Rate website from Blue365 or visit this page, successfully complete a mortgage loan application, and close the mortgage loan with Guaranteed Rate, Inc. Applicant subject to credit and underwriting approval. Restrictions may apply.
  • GRate Realty Connect is a Realogy Lead Management Services, Inc. program and is not facilitated or offered by Guaranteed Rate Inc. or the Guaranteed Rate Corporate Benefits team. You are not required to use GRate Realty Connect and Guaranteed Rate Inc. as a condition of the sale or purchase of any real estate or as a condition of eligibility for any special offer. Realogy Holdings Corp and Guaranteed Rate Affinity, LLC share common ownership, because of this relationship, if Guaranteed Rate Affinity, LLC is your selected mortgage lender, Realogy Holdings Corp and/or its affiliates may receive a financial benefit.  The cash back bonus is offered by GRate Realty Connect in most states. In some states, a gift card or commission reduction at closing may be provided in lieu of the cash back bonus. The program is not available for employer-sponsored relocations or transactions in Iowa or outside the United States. The cash back bonus is not available in Alaska and Oklahoma. In Kansas and Tennessee, a MasterCard MAX gift card will be issued. In Mississippi, New Jersey, and Oregon, a commission reduction may be available at closing. The cash back bonus is only available with the purchase and/or sale of your home through the use of a program-introduced real estate agent. The actual amount you receive is based on the purchase and/or sale price of your home. Customers are not required to receive financing from Guaranteed Rate in order to receive benefits of this program. All real estate commissions are negotiable. Other terms and conditions may apply. This is not a solicitation if you are already represented by a real estate broker. Please check with a program coordinator for details. Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply.
  • 97% Customer Satisfaction: Data Source: Guaranteed Rate’s Client Satisfaction Surveys (Averaged 2021).
  • Top 10 Retail Mortgage Lender in the U.S.: Data Source: 2018 National Ranking by volume reported as of 4/10/19 provided by www.insidemortgagefinance.com. Other Institutional lenders, private individuals and housing finance agencies have been removed.
  • Receipt of application does not represent an approval for financing or interest rate guarantee. Restrictions may apply, contact Guaranteed Rate for current rates and for more information. Turn times and approvals subject to limitations and guidelines.
  • Applicant subject to credit and underwriting approval. Restrictions may apply.  
  • Guaranteed Rate is a registered trademark of Guaranteed Rate, Inc., used under license. All rights reserved.
  • This offer is only available on the Blue365 website.
  • Other important Terms and Conditions apply. Read our disclosure statement, terms of use, and privacy policy before proceeding further.

Waived Lender's Fees

What is Blue365?

Blue365 offers premier health and wellness discounts and is free to join. These exclusive discounts are available to members of select BCBS organizations (e.g. Blue Cross Blue Shield). Register now and start saving!