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Travel Tips for a Healthier Heart, Mind, and Budget

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As if you needed another reason to take a vacation, there is a clear scientific link between travel and improved health. Statistics show measurable benefits1 to both physical health (including improvements to cardiovascular health and longer life span), as well as mental health (lowered stress and increased positivity). These positive vibes extend beyond the vacation itself, beginning in the planning phase and lasting for even days or weeks after the trip ends. Consider these additional health benefits from the experts at ZealTrips when planning your next getaway:

  • Travel more often. People who travel at least once per year have better cardiovascular health, less heart disease, and fewer heart attacks than in those who travel infrequently2. Mental health benefits increase as with regular travel too. Employers have shown that employees who take advantage of paid time off to travel are more rested and productive upon returning to work. 
  • Travel for wellness. Plan your next vacation around an activity. You can enjoy many health benefits from getting outside and exploring the natural beauty of the world. Skiing, hiking, biking, surfing, or a 10K road race are just a few types of destination activities that can bring up your mood and heart rate when you’re traveling for your next getaway.
  • Travel abroad. When you immerse yourself in a local foreign culture, it can help to expand your brainpower. Studies show a boost in creativity and cognitive flexibility in international travelers3.
  • Travel smarter. Budgeting for your next vacation can be the most important stress reducer of all. Determining a reasonable vacation budget, and more importantly following it closely, will help you afford to travel more often. Plus, the last thing you want to do is cancel out those health benefits with the financial stress of a blown budget.  Since much of the cost of travel comes from transportation, lodging and entertainment, those are also the expenses with the biggest savings potential when you book with a discount travel provider.

Make sure you consider local travel restrictions for your next vacation to avoid any hiccups to your planned getaway. Once you determine a budget and top priorities for a trip, you can start to enjoy the excitement that comes with looking forward to your deserved time off.

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