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Should you Sponsor Gym Memberships for Employees?

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According to the Society for Human Resource Management, research has shown that workers who take part in a wellness program have more energy for greater productivity and also miss fewer days of work.1 If your company embraces a culture of wellness and you’re thinking about paying for gym memberships for your employees, here are a few ways the investment could pay off:

  • Fewer sick days. When employees work out, it can improve their overall health and wellness. If you offer a gym membership, encourage your employees to exercise and start building their immune systems to fight workplace germs. 
  • Greater productivity. As employees take more responsibility for their physical well-being, they are more likely to show up for work and stay productive while in the office. This leads to costs savings and healthier, more engaged employees.
  • Less turnover. Employees notice and appreciate employers who invest in their company and employees, which can lead to greater workplace satisfaction and fewer turnovers. Losing experienced employees can be costly. Gym memberships may be a small price to pay to help retain employees.3 

If you choose to subsidize gym memberships for your employees, the return on investment can demonstrate less turnover, greater employee productivity and a healthier, more satisfied group of workers.




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