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Tips to Keep Employees Awake at Work

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While promoting exercise and healthy eating can boost employee satisfaction and productivity, sleep is often overlooked when it comes to the health of your organization. U.S. organizations lose $63.2 billion every year in productivity because of employees who do not get enough sleep.1 Encouraging employees to get the rest they need can improve the odds they will perform at their peak. As you create a healthy work environment, here are five quick tips that can help employees beat the early-morning blues or post-lunch slumps:

  1. Encourage activity breaks. Sitting at a desk or standing at a machine for long periods can be tiring. Encourage employees to move around at least every couple of hours, which can help them feel more alert and clear their minds for better problem-solving.
  2. Brighten up their workspace. To increase alertness for daytime workers, have window shades up to let in sunlight. Avoid dim lighting around evening shift workers — it can zap energy.
  3. Promote hydration. Sure, caffeine offers a short-term energy boost. But drinking water during work hours is healthier overall and keeps dehydration at bay, so that employees can concentrate better on the work at hand.
  4. Support smart snacking. When employees have healthy snacks on hand, it can help keep their blood sugar and attention spans steady throughout the day. Foods that offer a mix of carbs, proteins and healthy fats (such as nuts and seeds) are good choices.
  5. Fight fatigue with easy tasks. Remind employees that sometimes it is best to undertake less-taxing activities when they are tired. Simple tasks like filing or answering emails can help stimulate energy levels and get employees back on track without losing productivity.

One more thing you can do to help your employees stay awake at work: Encourage them to get the sleep they need when they are at home. 



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