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From Inviting to WOW Office Spaces

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An attractive, clean work environment can have a positive effect on your employees. A space that is outfitted with comfortable furnishings and thoughtful amenities helps inspire productivity, creativity and job satisfaction.1 Try these practical ways to create an inviting workspace for your staff — with a few perks thrown in for good measure.


The practical: Invest in ergonomic designs that make a healthy difference for employees who spend a lot of time at their desks. Consider giving workers the option of standing desks if they feel that fits their needs.

The perk: Provide comfy lounge chairs that make it easy to relax and socialize during lunch or break times.


The practical: Besides the usual suspects — overhead fluorescents — provide light sources that are easy to move around, such as desk lamps. If natural light is not available, try blue-enriched light bulbs that may lower fatigue and raise productivity. 

The perk: Introduce fun yet functional lighting (like those you can find in a residential design store). Or try programmable lights that change colors in recognition of employee birthdays or work achievements. 


The practical: Figure out what works best in communal workspaces to cut down on noisy distractions. For instance, partitions help reduce sound. Or, if space allows, set up “huddle” rooms where employees can escape ambient office sounds to focus on work or have private calls.

The perk: Allowing employees to use headphones is a choice they will appreciate.


The practical: If you have an office fridge, have a policy that you will clean it out once a week or every couple of weeks. A weekend cleaning service is also a must to help keep people healthy and your environment fresh.

The perk: Invest in air purifiers to banish stale, unhealthy air.

Combine the practical with the perks

  • Throw in some yoga balls. They serve a practical purpose as seats that can help build good posture and core body strength. But they are also colorful and a fun change of pace from standard office chairs.
  • Provide “sports” equipment. Bring in a small basketball hoop, ping pong table or dart board. They are great for blowing off steam and getting in a fun workout.
  • Set up a community library. Add some shelves in the breakroom so employees can leave used books — both fiction and nonfiction — and borrow others.
  • Create a brainstorm room. When workers want to noodle ideas by themselves or as a team, a room with a writeable wall and comfy seating is a boon.
  • Make a zen zone. Add a space that is devoted to quiet time or even meditation. It can help create a calming, relaxing environment that leads to greater productivity.
  • Play with puzzles. Keep jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and sudoku around the office to boost brain power and give workers a different perspective on problem-solving.

A few small investments can transform your office into a more inviting workspace — and lead to a more productive place to work as well.


1 Jao, Jerry. "Pimping The Workplace: How To Set Up Your Company's Office For Success." Forbes. January 29, 2014. Accessed September 12, 2018.

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