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How to Boost Your Immunity with Essential Nutrients

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Right now, making sure your body has the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy should be one of your top priorities. There are certain nutrients that are essential when it comes to supporting overall immune health, in addition to following a healthy diet and staying active. Here are the top vitamins and supplements to support your overall immune health according to the experts from InVite Health:

  • Beta 1,3 Glucan. This insoluble fiber, which is naturally found in plants such as Euglena algae, helps to keep the immune system active to be able to respond when you need it. 
  • Black Elderberry. Black Elderberry is a powerful dark purple berry that is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids that help bolster immune system function. 
  • Multivitamin, Mineral Formula. The immune system requires a wide array of nutrients to function properly. A high-quality multivitamin can provide essential vitamins and minerals for immune function, as well as energy and metabolism.
  • Probiotics. This healthy bacterium plays an important role in immunity, digestion and even the health of your skin. A certain amount of “good” bacteria is necessary for proper immune system function and overall health. Interestingly, healthy bacteria numbers drop with obesity, diabetes and age, so supplementing with a probiotic supplement can be extremely helpful.
  • Vitamin C. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection for the entire body, supporting a healthy immune system. Immune cells also need this nutrient to move around the body and fight infections.
  • Vitamin D. Did you know that 94% of Americans are not getting enough Vitamin D from their diet alone? This can greatly impact proper immune system function.
  • Zinc. Your body requires this essential mineral on a daily basis to help fight inflammation, and support the creation of important immune cells.
  • Magnesium. Up to 70% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. This mineral is required for the proper functioning of over 300 different enzymes in the body and plays a major role in proper immune system functioning.

Taking the right combination of vitamins and supplements is the first step towards a balanced, healthy immune system. Look for non-GMO, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) supplements to make sure you are getting the best quality products for your body. You should also ensure your diet includes immune-boosting nutrients from citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, green tea, and healthy fats from fish, seeds, and nuts.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Talk to your doctor to find out the correct dosage of vitamins and supplements that is right for you.

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