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How It Works for Your Company

Your company pays a monthly fee that covers all costs associated with the launch and maintenance of the Gympass program.

Your employees choose a plan. Employee membership fee starts at $11.99/month with unlimited access to the largest wellness solution in the world.

You manage the benefit with a dedicated, easy to use HR portal. You can track usage reports, stimulate enrollment and employee engagement.

Gympass Benefits

Access to a network of 12,000+ gyms and studios, with no initiation or cancellation fees.

1:1 virtual personal training & online classes with your favorite gyms and studios

Enjoy Gympass with loved ones & add up to 3 dependents

Empower Your Employees With a Total Wellbeing Solution

  • Improve Well-being. Enhance quality of life for all of your employees with an effective wellness solution.
  • Increase Productivity. Employees that have an active and healthy lifestyle are more focused and miss less days of work.
  • Boost Engagement. A corporate wellness solution boosts team spirit and helps build a happier and more engaged workforce.
  • Attract the Best Talent. Companies that offer great benefits have a competitive edge when recruiting.

Employee Subsidized Pricing

Note: End user prices shown above, does not include PEPM fee paid by employer for each eligible employee. This fee ranges from $2-$5 per eligible employee for companies with 1000+ employees.

*Free plan tier available to employers with 501+ employees, for one year
**Sales Tax May Apply

Membership Tiers Blue365 Member Price Employee Subsidized Pricing Benefits
Free Added Benefit for Subsidy* $0 3 Live Classes/Week + 5 Premium Wellness Apps
Starter $24.99 $11.99 1,000+ Gyms, Studios & Live Classes + 20 Partner Apps
Basic $39.99 $30.99 3,000+ Gyms, Studios & Live Classes + 30 Partner Apps
Bronze $74.99 $55.99 3,600+ Gyms, Studios & Live Classes + 35 Partner Apps
Silver $104.99 $89.99 7,300+ Gyms, Studios & Live Classes + 35 Partner Apps
Gold $199.99 $159.99 10,000+ Gyms, Studios & Live Classes + 35 Partner Apps
Platinum $329.99 $239.99 12,000+ Gyms, Studios & Live Classes + 35 Partner Apps
Diamond $449.99 $279.99 12,400+ Gyms, Studios & Live Classes + 35 Partner Apps
All Plans Starter & Up Include 8 Personal Training Sessions/month

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