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Activity Trackers and Smartwatches: Which One Fits Your Lifestyle?

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With so many features and options available today, choosing the right wearable device might seem overwhelming. Whether you are shopping for function or style, there are a wide range of devices that can provide simple step-tracking, help you stay connected, or show off a fashionable timepiece. Before you choose your next wearable, take some time to determine how you are going to use it to narrow down your options and make the best choice for your needs:

  • Looking to Maximize Your Workout? Obviously, you’ll need a device that tracks your health and fitness data. If you run or walk outside, you might want a device that maps your routes and includes GPS functionality. Look out for other important features, such as breathability, durability, and sweat-resistance. Some devices are designed for specific activities (running, cycling, golf, etc.) so keep that in mind if you know you will be primarily using it for a particular type of workout. Smartphone-free music streaming is also a great feature to look for if you want to exercise without the distraction of a phone.
  • Want to Stay Better Connected? If you need to be truly accessible at all times, having a small office on your wrist can improve productivity. Smartwatches can act as an extension of your smartphone, providing a hands-free discrete way to stay up to date. In addition to sending and receiving texts, phone calls, and email notifications – consider a smartwatch that has cellular functionality so that you can check-in whenever you need to. Voice command functionality can also be helpful for quick hands-free communications.
  • Wearing It to Stay on Trend? If you’re mostly interested in a wearable as a fashion accessory, look for stylish options with fewer capabilities. You’ll get the look you want without spending money on features you don’t need. Want both fashion and function? You will spend more, but fully functional smartwatches that double as designer jewelry are available. Some wearable devices offer designer accessories such as bands, so check to see which brands your favorite fashion designer might be associated with.

A wearable device can help you monitor your health and multitask so you never miss a beat. Start with determining your budget for your new device, and then narrow down on features based on how you live your life. 

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