How Blue365 Works

Joining Blue365 and redeeming our deals is easy as 1-2-3. Check our "how to" guide instructions below and start redeeming today.

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How to Register for Blue365

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Click the Join Button

The "Join" button is located on the header at the top of the page and also on the footer at the end of the page.

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Enter Your BCBS Member Information

Our exclusive deals are available to members of select Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations (e.g. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan). To check your eligibility, simply enter the first 3 characters in your member ID card.

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Complete Your Registration

Enter your personal information, accept our Terms and you are ready to enjoy our deals!

How to Find Deals

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By Category

To filter by category, simply select one or more categories that are interesting to you. To find all deals available to you, just unselect the filters and all deals will be displayed.

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By Keyword

You can also find deals using keywords. You can search for a particular brand (e.g. “Reebok”) or a product (e.g. “hearing aids” or “gym memberships”).

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Sort & Refine

To sort deals that matter to you the most, sort by best-sellers, deals that are expiring soon, and newest deals that are now available.

How to Redeem a Deal

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Read the Redemption Instructions

After you log in, the redemption instructions will appear at the top of all deal pages. Read them carefully as they will guide you step-by-step on how to proceed.

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Redeem Online on Our Partner’s Website

Most of our discounts can be redeemed at our partners’ websites. If there is a promo code, you can copy the code by a touch of a button, before you click on the “Continue to Partner Site”. 

Printing Coupons

Redeem In-person Using a Printed Coupon

Sometimes our partners have a retail location where you can redeem the discount in person. To print the coupon, click "print now" and bring it with you to redeem the discount.

 Need Help?

Have a question or comment about Blue365? The best way to reach us is to send us a message. Alternatively, you can call 1-(855)-511-BLUE (2583). Tell us how we can help, and our Customer Service team will be in touch soon.