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15% Off the Hottest Game from Spikeball

Spikeball is the latest outdoor and indoor game sweeping the nation, with over 4M players and 1,500+ ranked teams and counting. It’s a great way to stay active with your family, and provides a new activity for a day at the beach or park. Blue365 members can play anywhere and save 15% off Spikeball sets, accessories and apparel.

The standard Spikeball kit is all you need for a fun and competitive (if you want) game on grass, sand or indoors. The game is played two on two, with the serving team starting a rally by spiking the ball off of the net towards the opposing team. The receiving team has up to three touches, alternating between the two players, to spike the ball off of the net and back to the opposing team. Once the ball has been served, players can move  and hit the ball from anywhere they choose. There are no boundaries. When the ball hits the ground, the rim, bounces more than once on the net  or isn’t returned to the net in three touches, the opposing team receives a point. Games are typically played to 11,15, or 21.  

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