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The Offer

Save an Average of $1,100 Per Hearing Aid 

As a Blue365 member, you receive exclusive access to Start Hearing's lowest pricing on hearing aids for you and your family – from premium to entry level technology. Start Hearing's Hearing Care Advisors are available to guide you through the process and will connect you with a hearing professional in your area to take full advantage of this valuable discount.

Start Hearing offers you and your family members:

  • Low pricing on today’s latest hearing aid technology
  • Discounts on accessories such as remotes and media streamers
  • Access to a nationwide network of 3,000+ hearing professionals
  • 60-day trial period (re-stocking fee may apply)
  • Three-year supply of batteries (40 cells per year per hearing aid purchased)
  • No-charge office visits for one year (up to six visits)
  • Up to a three-year, worry-free warranty, with one-time loss and damage coverage (deductible may apply)

Sample Pricing

Blue365 Sample Pricing



Blue365 Member Price
Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 Rechargeable $3,498 $2,199
Starkey Picasso i2400 $3,498 $1,799
Audibel Via 2400 Rechargeable $3,538 $1,799
Starkey Livio 2000 Rechargeable $3,038 $1,499
NuEar Canvas i2000 $2,798 $1,499
Audibel Via AI 1600 Rechargeable $2,738 $1,499
Starkey Livio 1600 Rechargeable $2,638 $1,199
NuEar Circa 1600 Rechargeable $2,638 $1,199
Audibel Via 1200 Rechargeable $2,098 $899
Starkey Muse iQ i1200 Power Plus BTE $1,538 $823
Audibel Start 1000 Wireless CIC $1,498 $617 

The Terms

  • Exhaust all covered insurance benefits first.  To determine if you have any covered insurance benefits, call customer service at the toll-free number on the back of your member ID card. Start Hearing will invoice for costs above and beyond your covered insurance.  
  • In order to qualify for the Blue365 discounts, appointments must be scheduled through Start Hearing by logging in and viewing the exclusive toll-free number for Blue365 members.
  • All Hearing Consultations are free. However, charges may apply and will vary by location if an audiometric exam is required. Standard charges range from $75-$150 for the professional audiometric exam and may be covered by your insurance plan.
  • Professional fitting fee of up to $200 may apply to returns made within the trial period. Your local provider office will inform you of any fees at time of service.  
  • All hearing aids come with a one-time loss and damage waiver.  Your local provider may charge a customary service fee ranging from $200-$250 per hearing aid.
  • This offer is only available on the Blue365 website.
  • Other important Terms and Conditions apply. Read our disclosure statement, terms of use, and privacy policy before proceeding further.

What is Blue365?

Blue365 offers premier health and wellness discounts and is free to join. These exclusive discounts are available to members of select BCBS organizations (e.g. BCBS of North Carolina). Check if you are eligible to join today!