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Planning for Your Next Road Trip

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Planning a road trip is a great way to see more of the country you are at while exploring different places and site on your way to your end destination. Whether you are embarking on an expedition across the country or a quick weekend getaway, planning ahead of time can ensure a memorable and stress-free journey. Follow these tips from Hertz on planning your upcoming road trip: 

  • Plot Your Course: Wherever you decide to go, it's important to know how to get there and how to navigate between destinations. Take advantage of tools that are readily at your disposal. AAA's TripTik Planner helps you do everything, from getting directions and checking road conditions to looking at maps. It will even choose roads based on whether you want the fastest route or a scenic drive. Remember to be mindful of road closures and other restrictions before hitting the road.
  • Pick the Right Vehicle: The right set of wheels makes the open road a joyful adventure. If you don't own the perfect vehicle for the job, consider renting a vehicle with everything you need for the journey. Maybe even select something that inspires you to spend more time behind the wheel. Whether you want to ride with the top down or cruise in luxury, you can set the right tone for your trip by choosing the right vehicle.
  • Rest up: The National Sleep Foundation recommends getting a solid seven to nine hours of sleep to prevent dangerous drowsy driving.
  • Know your limits: Some people can drive for 12 hours without any problems while others need a break after four or five hours of driving. Know your personal limits and plan accordingly.
  • Hit the safe spots: Whether you're taking a day trip, a long weekend or an extended vacay, it pays to research the attractions you plan to visit along the way to ensure you only choose safe destinations.

Planning for a road trip involves careful consideration of your route, vehicle and wellness choices. By preparing in advance you can ensure a more enjoyable journey as you hit the open road. 

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