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Stay on Top of Your Fitness During the Winter Months

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Motivating yourself to workout can be more difficult as the temperatures drop and your habits change. Maybe you’re heading back to the office more frequently or debating the merits of a brisk outdoor run versus hitting the treadmill. With New Year’s resolutions, motivation can be one of the most important tools to stick to a routine. Consider these tips from the fitness experts at Garmin to stay on top of your fitness this winter:

  • Add Variety to Your Routines. Motivating yourself to go for a run five days a week can sound daunting. Allowing yourself to change up the type of workout will keep you moving each day. Whether you’ve got a full lunch hour or just a few minutes between meetings, try a mix of cardio, strength, and stretching workouts to keep things interesting. Make sure to have a variety of options for how long and strenuous your workouts are so that you can still fit some quick, easier exercises on a day where you might not be as motivated.
  • Set Alerts. It’s easy to sit at a desk all day, so setting a notification to move can help you remember to step away from your computer every so often. Many wearable devices today have the ability to setup “move” notifications, or you can set an old-fashioned alarm for yourself to stand up and work in some steps.
  • Join a Challenge. Compete with others to spark some friendly competition and stay active. There are a number of workout platforms that allow you to participate in free challenges with friends, co-workers, or monthly challenges with other users. It might seem silly to work towards earning virtual badges, but these little merits of accomplishment can push you to move more each month.
  • Overdress for Winter Workouts. It’s better to be too warm than too cold if you’re running outside on a chilly day. Everyone has different cold thresholds, and you’ll learn to shed layers as you start to understand what is comfortable for 30 degrees versus 15 degrees. Pro tip: if it’s a windy day, add an additional layer to account for wind chill.


At the end of the day, make sure to stay flexible with your winter workout routines. If you miss a planned workout, it doesn’t have to ruin the rest of the week. Have a backup plan if the weather or your work schedule doesn’t cooperate – winter is all about doing different things.

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