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7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

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Was your New Year’s resolution to work out more? Are you now feeling a little intimidated by it? There’s no reason to be! Follow these steps from GlobalFit and you’ll keep up with your New Year’s goals all year long.

  1. Make a game plan. Set clear training benchmarks and goals for yourself by mapping out your workouts ahead of time. Once you have a plan, commit to stick with it.
  2. Find a workout buddy. A dependable workout partner not only keeps you on track and accountable when it comes to your workouts, but can also be a great source of motivation – not to mention encourage some friendly competition.
  3. Ask for help. Take advantage of fitness assessments or a personal trainer. Trainers can help boost your performance, motivate you, and ensure you stay on track.
  4. Don’t forget your H2O. Make sure you remember to drink enough water before, during and after your workout. Getting your fill of H2O keeps up your endurance and helps keep fatigue at bay.
  5. Mix it up. Keep your workouts fresh and at their best by exercising different parts of your body. Talk to your trainer about new classes or workouts to add to your routine.
  6. Give yourself time to rest. Balance is key. When you exercise without allowing your body to rest, you’re at risk for overtraining. Add yoga and stretching to your routine and always remember to get enough sleep.
  7. Celebrate your success. Set short-term goals that lay the groundwork for healthy workout habits. When you accomplish one of those goals be sure to congratulate and reward yourself.


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