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Finding the Perfect Shoe for Post-Activity Rest & Recovery

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If you are an active person who likes working out, playing sports, spending time outdoors hiking, or even if you are on your feet all day, you know that rest is just as important to staying healthy. And this is as true for your feet as it is for the rest of your body. When it comes to foot recovery, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference. Follow these tips from Crocs on finding the right pair of shoes for the right occasion: 

  • For Sport Recovery: After a work out or even if you are on your feet all day, a good foot recovery shoe can help alleviate some of the pain on your feet and legs. Good recovery shoes should be comfortable and also provide structure and arch support for walking and other active recovery efforts.1 When looking for recovery shoes, consider durability, breathability, and fit. 
  • For Post-Hikes: If you are an adventurer and like to go on long hikes, finding the right shoe for after your hike is important to help your feet recover. Find shoes that have a roomy toe box and ventilation ports to give your toes the space they need to breathe after being crammed in boots all day long. 
  • For Cold Weather: As winter approaches and you start spending more time outside, it is important to find the right shoes to protect you from slips as well as cold temperatures. Look for low-heeled shoes or boots with a traction sole that can help prevent slips in icy conditions. You also want to keep your feet warm so finding insulated and water-resistant shoes can protect you from the effects of cold weather.2

When you rest, you allow your body to repair the muscle fiber breakdowns that come with training and other intensive activities. This concept applies to your feet as well, and finding the right shoe for recovery whether from a workout, a long day on your feet or even a day spent outside in the cold is important to keep your feet healthy. 

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