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The Offer

Get Affordable Dental Coverage, and Access to One of the Largest Dental Networks in Rhode Island

Taking care of your health means taking care of your smile as well. Dental Direct offers a range of dental plans that will meet your needs and fit your budget. Nine out of every 10 RI dentists are in our network—and we provide national coverage coast-to-coast—so you’re sure to find a dentist whenever and wherever you need one. When you put your trust in Dental Direct, you get great value for the money and a plan that won’t let you down.

All plans include two annual exams and cleanings covered at 100% and an extra cleaning for expectant mothers.

The Terms

  • For details about coverage, including any limits and exclusions, please call Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island at 1-855-690-2583.
  • This offer is only available on the Blue365 website.
  • Other important Terms and Conditions apply. Read our disclosure statement, terms of use, and privacy policy before proceeding further.

What is Blue365?

Blue365 offers premier health and wellness discounts and is free to join. These exclusive discounts are available to members of select BCBS organizations (e.g. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island). Register now and start saving!