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How to Know When it’s Time for New Shoes

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It’s always fun to get a new pair of shoes, but sometimes it’s more than just a fashion choice, it’s a necessity. By paying attention to your feet you can take a big step forward to a healthier you. Check out these tips from Skechers on deciding when to purchase new shoes:

  • Seasons Change. Cover your bases year-round – from sandals and sneakers to insulated boots for cold weather. Winter styles often have better traction on soles for rain and snow days.
  • More Comfort. Whether you’re nine or 90, everyone loves a roomy, cushioned and supportive shoe. If your current soles aren’t cutting it, upgrade to a style that offers memory foam insoles for extra comfort.
  • A New Job. Many jobs require professionals to wear slip-resistant and protective footwear while working. If you’re looking into opportunities at hospitals, garages, construction sites, restaurants and more, chances are you’ll need to grab a pair that’s right for the job.
  • Medical Reasons. As you get older, certain conditions can make it important to wear footwear that protects your feet from injury. Less supportive, comfortable footwear can also lead to pain in your feet as well as other areas of your body. Talk to your doctor about what kinds of shoes may be best for you.
  • New Resolutions. Did you make a resolution to exercise more? Thousands do each year, and a new pair of sport shoes doesn’t just offer the latest technology, it can also give you a boost of confidence that can keep you gym-bound in the months to come.

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