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Getting the Right Size Shoe for Your Kids

A row of kids dangling their legs over a low wall

‘Tis the season for back to school shoes! While most are focused on making sure their kids are walking to class in style, it’s even more important to properly size children’s feet. We went to the experts and asked Skechers® how to make sure your child’s feet are sized correctly:

  • Size up. Measure both feet when kids are standing, and order the size that fits the longer foot. If your child is between two sizes, always get the bigger size.
  • Wide width. If your child’s feet overlap onto the sides of fit guides, consider a wide width style for a more comfortable fit.
  • Test run. Once you’ve picked a pair, check where the toes end (there should be half of a thumbnail width from the end of the toes to the front of the shoes). Also check to see if the widest part of your kid’s feet is in the same place as the widest part of the new shoes.
  • Check the flex. It’s important that shoes flex in the right place on your child’s feet, which can only happen if they fit properly and aren’t too big.

Want an easy way to size your kids feet at home? You can print out this size guide for the perfect fit.

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