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The Offer

Save 40% Off a HandsFree Health Medical Alert System Plus Save Each Month on Monitoring

Are you looking for a medical alert system that can protect you or your loved one at home or on the go? Do you want a device that can also help you manage your health and wellness, and provide you with entertainment options? If so, you should check out the WellBe® Medical Alert PLUS system by HandsFree Health, the top-rated medical alert system by PC Magazine.

WellBe® Medical Alert PLUS is more than just a panic button. It is a smart device that connects you to a 24/7 emergency response center, provides 4G LTE coverage on the nation’s most reliable network, and gives you access to WellBe®, your virtual health assistant app. WellBe® can remind you to take your medications, refill your prescriptions, notify your caregivers, and answer your health questions. You can also use WellBe® to call your family and friends, stream music from iHeart Radio®, listen to NPR® news reports, get Accuweather® forecasts, and more.

As a Blue365 member, you can get an exclusive offer of 40% off the cost of all WellBe® Medical Alert products plus save each month on the monitoring fee. This is a limited time offer, so don’t miss this opportunity to get the best medical alert system for yourself or your loved one. 

WellBe Medical Alert Round Watch

  • $95.95 (Regularly $159.95)
  • Monthly Subscription $17.95 (Regularly $29.95)

WellBe Medical Alert Pendant

  • $74.95 (Regularly $119.95)
  • Monthly Subscription $17.95 (Regularly $29.92)

WellBe Medical Alert Speaker

  • $62.95 (Regularly $99.95)
  • Monthly Subscription $12.95 (Regularly $19.95)

*See bundle pricing on HandsFree Health's Blue365 shop page

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