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Organic Life Magazine
$10 for an Annual Subscription

The Offer

$10 for an Annual Subscription

Rodale’s Organic Life is a handbook for living naturally in the modern world. It provides seasonal recipes, tips for creating chemical-free gardens, sustainable-home strategies, and profiles on alternative therapies like yoga and meditation for optimal well-being.

Organic Life is here to help you lead a healthier, less stressful and more enriched life. Encompassing four main areas – food, home, garden and well-being, each issue contains idea-rich content that allows you to create a life that’s more in sync with how you choose to live with nature.

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The Terms

  • Call Rodale's customer service at 866-387-0509 or email if you would have any questions regarding the redemption of this offer.
  • Members may cancel subscriptions at any time.
  • If the member has already paid for the subscription, a pro-rata refund will be issued for all remaining copies that have not been mailed at the time of the request.
  • Rodale's Organic Life is a registered trademark of Rodale, Inc.  All rights reserved.
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