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10% Discount on Pet Insurance Plus $25 PetSmart Gift Card

The Offer

10% Discount on Petplan Pet Insurance Plus a $25 PetSmart Gift Card 

Protect your pet with North America’s best-loved pet insurance and we’ll treat you and your four-legged family to a $25 PetSmart gift card.

Blue365 Members receive a 10% discount on a Petplan insurance policy plus a $25 PetSmart Gift Card.

Pet insurance helps pay unexpected veterinary bills, so when your dog or cat gets hurt or sick, you can rest easy knowing there’s help covering the costs. With no age or breed restrictions to enroll, and coverage that includes hereditary and chronic conditions as standard, Petplan give you peace of mind that both your best friend and your budget are protected.

Why pet insurance?

  • One in three pets will require unexpected vet care this year. 
  • Every six seconds, a pet parent faces a veterinary bill of $3,000 or more.

Why Petplan?

  • Fully customizable policies ensure your plan fits your needs and your budget exactly.
  • Petplan’s no-hassle claims and 24/7 customer service are top-rated by pet parents and veterinarians alike.

Pet parents who are insured don’t have to face the difficult financial decisions that come with unplanned trips to the vet; when finances aren’t a factor, the very best care is always within paw’s reach. Petplan lets you say “yes” at the vet without worrying about the cost. Whatever your veterinarian recommends, it’s covered by Petplan!

The Terms

  • Policy must be active for 30 days to be eligible to receive the PetSmart gift card.
  • Renewals are not eligible for this promotion. Offers will be fulfilled within 6-8 weeks of policy inception. 
  • PetSmart gift card offer is not available in AK, KS, ME, MI, ND, SC and WA.
Blue 365 says:

Keeping your pet at a lean body weight and avoiding obesity can add years to your dog or cat’s life.