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The Offer

Take Control of Your Health With 25% Off Withings Devices Through March 1

Withings launched the first-ever Wi-Fi scale more than 10 years ago. Today Withings boasts an ecosystem of connected devices that help you track key aspects of your health so you can know where you stand, and take steps to improve every day. Withings scales are now the #1 bestselling smart scale in the US. Withings is also recognized for its medical-grade devices including the smart temporal thermometer (Thermo) and the connected blood pressure monitor (BPM Connect).

Blue365 members can benefit from a discount up to 20% on most popular Withings devices including:

  • Withings smart scales: Body Cardio, Body +, and Body
  • Withings blood pressure monitor: BPM Connect
  • Withings hybrid watches: Steel HR and Steel HR Sport
  • Withings sleep tracking mat: Sleep
  • All Withings devices connect to the free Health Mate app (available for iOS and Android)

The Terms

  • 25% off limited time offer expires March 1, 2024
  • Taxes and shipping fees apply.
  • Free shipping on orders over $49.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • All returns accepted within 30 days of order.
  • This offer applies while supplies last.
  • The selection of discounted devices may evolve at Withings discretion.
  • Discounted devices are the ones for which offers apply on the Withings website.
  • Offers may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, promotions or rebates.
  • Withings is a registered trademark of Withings, Inc.
  • This offer is only available on the Blue365 website.
  • Other important Terms and Conditions apply. Read our disclosure statement, terms of use, and privacy policy before proceeding further.

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